If you want to look the best every day, there is no better option than embroidery. Yes, embroidered clothes are unique and they reflect your personality in the best way. There are two ways to embroider, one way is to do it by hand. It is good for small designs and can be done only if you know how to embroider. The second one does not require you knowing embroidery and can be effectively done for small or large designs. It is with the help of custom embroidery & digitising service by getting the final sew out on an embroidery machine.

Learning to embroider is a skill and comes with lots of practice. You have to invest a lot of time as well as money. Some people have learned a single design in weeks, if you think you have the stamina, go for it. Normally, we all are too busy in life there is not enough time to learn embroidery. But, you cannot rule out the importance of embroidery because you need to look your best always. There is no need to feel down about it because you can outsource the hard work. That’s true, and the best part is it is very affordable.

You Need Embroidery Machine Ready Files

Everyone around you has a black, pink, red and the other colored shirts and so do you. How does that make you look different and better? The answer lies within your creativity and the work of an embroidery digitizing service. Think of a design that will look good on your selected dress and elevate your personality. Or you can look on the internet for designs and download them for samples. Now that you have selected the designs, send them to your digitizer. For custom embroidery & digitising service, he/she will work on the file creation. This file will help you embroider the design on an embroidery machine.

Embroidery Machine Ready FileUnfortunately, embroidery machines cannot read standard picture file formats. The files such as jpg, png, or any other formats are alien stuff to them. Embroidery machines need special file formats such as PES, DST and similar ones. Camera clicks and other files downloaded from the internet are in standard computer file formats. They do not have sewing instructions which is the reason a machine cannot understand them. To have the machine able to understand the design, it needs to be in machine file format. This is the task of the embroidery digitising service who will convert the standard PC file into a stitching file.

Get Your Unique Embroidery File

Now that you know you will need standard pc design files converted, you need to know how? It is an understood fact that an embroidery digitizer will make the conversion. Where do you find the digitizer and how can you know if he is the best choice? For the best answer to such questions, the internet is your best guide. When you search for custom embroidery & digitising service online, hundreds of links appear on your screen. Now you have access to hundreds of embroidery digitizers. Open as many links as you think can help you decide. Contact them and ask for the free quote on cost and delivery.

For best quote on custom embroidery & digitising service, you should share your design because some designs can be tough. Tough designs can take a bit more time to complete and will cost a bit above average. Don’t worry, the above average cost will not make it beyond your budget. If you are in a hurry, it is best to tell in advance so that it can be prioritized. Compare the costs and delivery time. After you have selected the best two, look for testimonials. It is always good to know how they treat customers. When everything looks good, take the leap of faith.

When you have placed your order, the design will be forwarded to the lead digitizer. Taking one good glance, he will know the best digitizer in the team to work on it. Everyone has their strengths and with a team, only the best digitizer works on a design. Experienced and professional people work to convert the design ensuring a flawless delivery. Once digitized, it is sent to the QA for in-depth analysis counting each thread mark. Remember, it is a unique file with your design and belongs to you only.

Don’t Worry If You Don’t Have an Embroidery Machine

You don’t always need to own an embroidery machine to get sew out on your dress. Having one can certainly save you the money needed to spend after digitizing. Operating an embroidery machine is not easy because you have to understand the functionality. Putting on the threads can be an uphill task as well and most machine owners try to avoid it. Files prepared during custom embroidery & digitising service are compatible with all modern embroidery machines. It will run easily on your personal machine and also that available at the commercial embroiderer.


Commercial Custom Embroidery & Digitising ServiceNot owning an embroidery machine should not keep you away from digitizing your favorite design. Today getting the design stitched commercially is not a huge task. When you already have the digitized file, the stitch cost automatically reduces. The digitized file has stitches mentioned. You only need to tell the embroiderer about the stitch count and get a quote. With a home embroidery machine, you only get a single head. Thus, you can only stitch the design on one fabric at a time. Commercial embroiderers have multi-head machines where you can get bulk production. Yes, you can use your file anywhere and anytime as there are no limits to it.

Custom Embroidery & Digitising Service at Absolute Digitizing

We are a professional embroidery digitizing company working for more than two decades now. We have come a long way and our skills are unmatched. Our team of embroidery digitizers is the best in the USA. We offer the most affordable rates in the industry and deliver in only a couple of hours. You can contact us at any time of the day and get your designs digitized. If you are confused and need guidance about a design, discuss it with us and we will guide you. Our experts are online round the clock and will give you the best advice. Let’s connect now and get your masterpiece!