Do you own an embroidery machine or are you an embroidery enthusiast? In either case, you require digitized files for your custom embroidery designs online. Most of the time, people are searching it for inspiration or to find competitive prices. If your reason is the latter, then you have reached the right place.

Absolute Digitizing is actively engaged in producing high quality embroidery digitized files for over 20 years. During the years, we have managed to acquire extensive knowledge and install the latest technology. We now proudly say that we are the leading company you can rely on for all your embroidery digitizing needs.

Our prices are competitive and the quality is unmatched. We excel in delivering error free digitized files for as low as $10 in the least possible time. All you have to do is to place an order with the details and leave the rest to us. Get your perfectly embroidery digitized file in your inbox without any delay.

What Is the Process to Order Custom Embroidery Designs Online?

We have the prefect mechanism where customers can order their custom embroidery designs online. You do not have to book an appointment to visit us physically. Rather visit our website and request a free quote. One of our experts will inform you about the details of your design along with an estimated delivery time.

With mutual understanding and your approval, the design is forwarded to the digitizing team who start working on it. If you are in a hurry and need an urgent delivery, do not hesitate to let us know. We have a special mechanism to expedite urgent digitizing requests. After a thorough check for discrepancies the file reaches you ready to use.

We believe that our commitment to high quality embroidery digitizing is the reason of our success. We have never backed down from it and ensure that every file is rigorously checked before submission to our customer. Our team of experts manage to make amendments if required to ensure you get a smooth embroidery experience.

How To Do Custom Embroidery Designs Online?

Embroidery digitizing is a sophisticated skill and is extremely rare. You don’t come across people who know how to make files for custom embroidery designs online. As a matter of fact, most aspirants start with zeal and fervor but quickly give up on their dreams. The reason for their heartbreak is lack of proper guidance and mentors.

The digitizing process is laborious, demanding and exhausting making it dull and boring after a very short sprint. Plus, the investments are huge and everyone cannot afford to keep up with it each month. For instance, there is no way you can make digitized files on auto pilot mode nor it is done online.

Digitizers are required to own a robust PC which costs hundreds of dollars to procure. Some try to utilize their outdated PCs but it turns out they spend more time fixing errors than digitize. Professional licensed software may deny running at all unless the minimum requirements are met. Thus, it is an expensive hobby and career.

Licensed vs Free Embroidery Digitizing Software

If you are a person who does not like to spend their hard earned money unnecessarily, then hire an expert. They digitize your file for a fraction of the money you are required to spend on a software. Free versions are not an option because they are time limited with all the advanced features locked.

The free version trial is meant to give the user an overview of what to expect after the purchase. Therefore, if you have a design to digitize, the free version will not allow you to complete it. Modern software licenses can range between a few to hundreds of dollars each month.

Besides, if you are of the view that purchasing a license enables the software to digitize files for you. Then you are highly mistaken because as mentioned above, digitizing is not automatic. It is a completely manual process and after investing fortune, you start learning it which is not an easy feat.

Custom Embroidery Designs Online

How Long Does It Take to Be a Digitizer?

If you have made up your mind to learn custom embroidery designs online, then you have a long road ahead. The software used to make digitized files seems simple but once you start using it, there is no end. It has a variety of tools and a plethora of combinations that are used to produce the desired results.

Since the software is not taught at any learning institute, most digitizers are self taught. You will have to learn about it using online blogs and watching videos online. The journey will be lonely and you will find yourself sitting in front of PC for long hours every day. Therefore, the learning process will test your mettle and through passion and the will to succeed you can learn it.

However, there is no defined time to when you will become an accomplished digitizer. Most professional digitizers have spent years perfecting their skills and have worked as interns too. The learning becomes boring after a short time because your friends will not be joining your practice. Hence, most people give up quickly and end up wasting a lot of their time and money.

What Is the Best Way to Get Custom Embroidery Designs Online?

We sincerely wish you the best of luck in your training. But at the same time if you have not yet invested then our advice to you is, hire a professional. Learning to digitize for a few designs is not worth the effort as they can be obtained cheap online.

A professional digitizing agency like us will give you a high quality file for as low as $10. So why invest a ton of money in hardware and then restrict yourself to learn the software. Surely spending months on a single project and still not getting the same quality is a bad idea.

Get a professional digitizer to work on your files and deliver in a couple of hours. In the meantime, you can spend your time in arranging the supplies and getting yourself ready to embroider. It might be a bit of a surprise to you that even the professional embroiderers do not digitize. They hire us to digitize for them and charge double from their customers.

Work with The Right Professional Digitizer

Most people are intimidated by the idea of searching a professional and then negotiate over the price and quality. When you work with us you never have to worry about a thing because we take care of everything. The process is simple because you can request a free quote and learn about all the details at once.

After that you simply have to tell us about any special requirements and we are good to go. We do not trouble our customers by asking unnecessary questions or personal details. We work on digitizing and deliver the flawless file within the agreed time. You can expect the file to reach your inbox without any delay.

All you need to do is place your custom embroidery designs online order with us and convey any special requirement. Our experts will digitize and check the file rigorously before sending it to you. Once you receive the file in your inbox, download it and start embroidering right away. Happy embroidering!