Looking for some ways to customize your clothing and make them look better? Did you know that you can custom embroidery design your own and achieve your goal? You do not need to be expert at digitizing to get the embroidery files, rather you can hire Absolute Digitizing. It costs as low as $10 to get your files prepared by the experts and delivered to your inbox.

Digitizing for embroidery is a rare skill and finding experts can be an overwhelming task. But once you connect with us, there is no need to worry about quality. We are a team of experts with over 20 years of professional experience. Over the years, we have created hundreds of files ranging from a left chest logo embroidery to complete dresses.

You can count on us to digitize the best file for you within the least possible time. We understand the fundamentals of a great file. Therefore, every file prepared by us displays high quality work that perfectly fulfills your requirements. Never worry about the budget because our prices are the most competitive. A simple left chest logo digitized file can cost as low as $10 and no hidden charges.

Finding us is not an issue either. We are available online and can be found using any search engine of your choice. Searching for embroidery digitizing services online will display a page of all the available links. The link to our website will be present in the list and clicking on it will lead you directly to us. Once you are on our website, a connection can be established with ease. Use the live chat for instant communication or send us an email. One of our expert digitizers will connect with you. Any question or requirements can be conveyed for fulfillment.

What is Embroidery Digitizing

If you are not familiar with the term digitizing for embroidery, you are not alone. A lot of our customers are new to the term. They discover it only when an embroiderer tells them to get a digitized file. When you are out to get a custom embroidery design your own, the file needs to be digitized by a professional. The file you already own cannot be used on an embroidery machine.

These machines work in a completely different fashion raising the need for a new type of file. The file is recreated using the design you have in picture format or your own drawing. The image is imported in a specifically designed software allowing the digitizer to create a digitized file. You might think that digitizing is an easy task but in fact it is laborious and demands exceptional skills.

Novice digitizers should be avoided at all costs because they are known to make mistakes. One single mistake can wreak havoc on the production floor ending up in a waste of time, money and resources. Therefore, the digitizer is required to concentrate hard on the task at hand. Our advice to you is to always use the services of a professional and better yet, hire an agency.

There are many reasons why one must avoid employing individuals for embroidery digitizing. We have covered it in detail in our previous blog Best Digitizers for Embroidery. You can read it to understand why we urge our customers to use our services without paying any extra amount.

Embroidery machines are not printing machines rather they use needles and threads to embroider fabrics. Uploading an image does not do the trick. This is why a new file is created which contains all the necessary instructions guiding the machine to sew accordingly.

Custom Embroidery Design Your Own

Can One Create Custom Embroidery Design Your Own?

If you are planning to create files for your embroidery machine on your own, sure you can do it. But before proceeding to digitize there are a few prerequisites you must familiarize with. Make sure that you educate yourself properly because it is neither easy nor cheap. As mentioned earlier, it is a laborious task and requires a lot of practice.

To start creating custom embroidery design your own you need to have the following:

  • Fast and reliable modern PC
  • Licensed version of the embroidery digitizing software
  • Extensive knowledge of using the software
  • Extensive knowledge of fabric and related materials
  • Ability to manage the push and pull compensation

While the first two require you to invest money, the rest require your time and concentration. So, if you are already not an expert digitizer yourself, you have a long journey ahead of you. 

They do not teach you in school how to digitize for embroidery. But if they did, most of us would already know how to do it. Hence, learning the art of digitizing is equivalent to learning a new skill. It is a fact that mastering a new skill does not happen overnight. Once you start to learn it, you will encounter a lot of bumps and distractions.

We do not doubt your learning skills and who knows you might outshine every professional in the industry. But the fact is that after investing hundreds of dollars you are bound to learn the software too. If you thought that purchasing it is the only investment to make, you are wrong. To make customized embroidery design files on your own you have to do everything manually, there is no auto pilot.

What Is the Realistic Way to Custom Embroidery Design Your Own?

Investing a ton of money and time for an image or two is not a smart thing to do. We understand that most people think of digitizing on their own due to. They do not understand the intricacies involved in the process of creation. Plus, they fall prey to the rumors that hiring a professional digitizer makes your wallet weep.

It is true that programming a file for the embroidery machines is not a child’s play. However, hiring a professional digitizer is cheaper than your daily meal. You can get left chest high quality embroidery digitizing for as low as $10. All you have to do is search for custom embroidery design your own on a search engine of your choice.

When the results appear, click on our link and connect with us. We encourage you to request a free quote before placing your order. It helps clear away the doubts you might have and know when to expect the file delivered in your inbox. Usually, the delivery time is not too late but if you are in a rush, let us know about it.

Informing in advance will help us prioritize your order for an urgent delivery. We have a unique mechanism to work flawlessly on files that are to be delivered quickly. You do not have to worry about the quality even if you have asked for an urgent delivery. Every file is tested by our QA team before sending out to the customers.

If there is any issue, it will be sorted out before it gets cleared for delivery. Quality is our main ingredient and we never compromise on that. We are experienced enough to understand what makes the file standout and give you error free embroidering experience. Let’s connect and amaze you with our superb quality.