Did you know that you can customize your favorite clothes with embroidery to make them look and feel elegant? Most famous designers are already using custom embroidery art to enhance the appearance of their dresses. It clearly shows that they are being creative and it is exactly what gets them ahead of competition. 

You do not have to be a certified fashion designer to think about getting a piece of fabric embroidered. In fact, you can get your own custom embroidery files prepared and use them as you like. When you have an embroidery file digitized, you can get the artwork sewn on any fabric of your choice. 

Use the file as many times as you like and never worry about the quality deteriorating. You can order your file digitization from us. We are a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience. Today, our team comprises of some of the best digitizers in the country. We make high quality digitalized files for embroidery machines. 

Our clients are not only the commercial embroiderers, but also a lot of home embroiderers. Because of our extremely competitive prices, it is very easy to get your files digitized by us. Furthermore, we emphasize a lot on quality and never compromise on it. You can expect only the best from us within a budget. 

Do you have a business logo or any artwork that you wish to embroider? If yes, then now is the perfect time to request a free quote. One of our expert digitizers will be tasked to digitize your file which you can keep and use for a lifetime. Working with gives you peace of mind because you get exceptional quality within a budget. 

Do You Want to Make Custom Embroidery Art at Home? 

There is no bigger joy than to make your first digitized file at home. When you learn to digitize for embroidery, you learn an extremely rare new skill. Yes, it is true that embroidery digitizing is a skill that is possessed by a very few. You do not come across a digitizer very often and finding a professional is very hard indeed. 

Digitizing is not a subject taught in school nor are there proper training institutes. A majority of digitizers have learnt to make files for the embroidery machines on their own. After many failed attempts they have managed to perfect their art and work on client files. Due to lack of proper guidance and training, learning to digitize is very hard. 

But if you are willing to learn to make custom embroidery art for the digital machines, you are in luck. Because we have an extensive blog on how you can take the first steps to become a digitizer. You can also read about it in detail in our previously written blogs. Explore the content on our website for guidance and information. 

To start digitizing, you need to have a modern PC because there are no mobile apps or online websites. Hence it can only be done on a PC. If you come across apps or websites claiming to do it automatically, ignore them they are a waste of time. If you do not have a PC, consider buying a new one. 

After you have purchased the hardware, now is the time to buy a software. There are many different software by different developers. Take your time to test a few and then choose the one that suits your needs. Use a licensed version because the free version cannot completely digitize a file. 

custom embroidery art

Which Is Better to Digitize Yourself or Get Professional Help 

When you start learning to make custom embroidery art, it gets exciting. You are learning a new skill and explore a new software. You start using your PC in a manner you never used before. The start is exciting but the journey ahead gets tougher every day. It is a laborious task that requires a lot work to do and then redo. 

Learning material is scarce and scattered. Finding the exact solution to your problem is like finding a needle in a haystack. You have to watch a lot of online videos, read lots of online blogs and ask from the experts. Chances are, you will not get the correct solution readily available and a lot of time is wasted. Therefore, with the passage of time, you start losing interest. 

Besides, to digitize you have to invest heavily in equipment. A PC does not come cheap and it costs at least a couple hundred dollars. Then you buy a license for the software which is another costly purchase. After investing a lot, you are required to invest your time to learn the software. In short, you keep on investing continuously. 

On the other hand, hiring an expert is just a few clicks away. You can hire experts at Absolute Digitizing for all your embroidery digitizing needs. Simply share your design, get a free quote and get your file in the shortest possible time. The price you pay to a professional is peanuts compared to the investment made to setup a digitizing station. 

You can get a left chest logo digitizing for as low as $10 and the delivery time is really quick. If you are going to embroider, place an order with us and head out to gather the supplies. By the time you return, the file will be delivered. 

Finding A Professional for Custom Embroidery Art 

If you looking to hire a professional for your embroidery project, you are in luck. Like every modern business today, we are available online. Using a search engine of your choice, search for custom embroidery art. You will get a list of all the available professionals. From the list, click on the link to our website. 

Once you click on it, you will be redirected to our website. The moment you land on our website, you can contact us. Use the live chat or send us an email. In both instances, a professional digitizer will connect with you. Feel free to ask us any question you like regarding your project. We will be happy to answer them in a professional way. 

So, let us connect now and work on your project. You will be amazed to know that you do not have to pay a fortune to get your file digitized. Furthermore, the file is yours forever. Feel free to save it and use it for as many times as you like. There are no hidden surprises with us.