The foundation of the embroidery process is a well-digitized design. Irrespective of the company, if the company is performing in-house digitizing or outsourcing the custom digitizing services, then this is one of the essential steps in term of equity and profits. In addition to this, it is a known fact that the majority of the newcomers will buy the digitizing software and embroidery equipment without adequate knowledge. They are having no information about the learning curve. These two things are convoluted but there is a lot more happening with each process.

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To become pro in digitizing, the concerned person needs to master the embroidery process as the first step toward success. The person has to practice and have to learn the basic things to improve their skills. Remember that this is not a simple process and there are many technical complexities involved. The person will learn about them and will understand how to handle them with experience and practice. It is necessary to get information about needles, threads, backing, hooping techniques, types of fabrics, and the list goes on. If you are planning to kick start the job instantly, then you are moving on the wrong path.

Keeping all this in view, this is the point where the question of availing the digitizing services from a good digitizer comes in. It is a fact that everyone wants to have a sew-out that looks great. Remember that one of the key benefits of having a quality digitizer is that a person can learn from it by watching the process. The entire process can become easy if a person is having a strong foundation. Furthermore, it is essential for a person to know about the proper density, underlay techniques, and proper mapping regarding the provided design.

Keep one thing clear in your mind that most of the digitizers started their work as a machine operator. They have spent many years of their life watching machine and learning how the job is performed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to avail custom digitizing services? The person who wants the service will be having the following questions in their mind:

Will there be a consistent quality in the work?

Will there be a convenience in communication to get custom digitizing?

Do they fulfill the requirements at an affordable price?

These are some of the questions that will be circling in the mind of a person who is planning to hire an expert individual or a firm. The selection of the right person or company is not an easy task to do. With all this in mind, you should walk around and ask more questions from the company or individual before making the final decision.

Now, we will be looking at the things that a person should keep in the mind when going to avail the digitizing service:

Customer Convenience/Support

The next essential thing will be convenience. You have to inquire about the following things:

Do the company have any administrative department working for a quick response to the clients?

Will they address potential issues in the task after getting the order?

Is there any online order facility or digitizing quote form for the guidance of customers?

The answer to these questions holds a significant place because it is not acceptable to receive a call or an email on the day of delivery to listen about the revisions or problems. It is better to finalize things earlier to eliminate the issues.

In addition to this, you should inquire that if they are having an in-house art department? This is important to know because in most of the printed graphics some changes have to be done before transforming them into the design. The company should be having the art department so that digitizer can evaluate potential problems during the quotation, not after the placement of order.

In the end, you also need to inquire is there any digitizer available to answer your queries regarding custom embroidery digitising, production, and editing issues? This is important to get assistance in case of problem-related to production.

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The first question will be sure about the experience of a person or firm. You need to inquire for how long they are working in the industry and what is the number of the digitizer in their team? If they are more than one digitizer, then your next question should be about the training given and the level of experience every individual is having.

Let’s discuss an interesting situation, the majority of clients will inquire if they finalize the deal, then the task will be completed by the single digitizer? In the majority of the cases, the answer will be “no”. But if you are going to deal with a professional firm, then you don’t have to worry about this situation. For your information, all the professional company offering custom digitizing service train their staff properly to maintain a good reputation. They will also ensure that you get consistency in your digitized design or logo irrespective of the fact who is going to do the job.

Delivery Time Frame

In the past, the delivery time is 5 to 7 days but now the time frame is 3 to 4 business days. Furthermore, some professional companies like Absolute Digitizing provide same day turnaround. This is how business is evolving now. The companies are trying their best to facilitate their customers in the best way. It is better to finalize the time before you plan to get services related to custom digitizing.

Hope now you are having good information about the custom digitizing process. You also need to pay attention to the price because it may vary from company to company. You should get quotes from two or three companies to make the final decision. Remember that the cost is also one of the deciding metric to hire a company.

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