Creating embroidery files without errors is a task only professionals can do. Absolute Digitizing excels in digitizing files for your embroidery projects. Get your business logo, kids design or fashion project done with perfection by a team of expert digitizers. Do not worry about the cost because you get left chest digitizing for as low as $10.

Our journey spans over 20 years now and still continuing. We are pleased to have served hundreds of customers who are satisfied with our work. The list of happy customers is growing rapidly now because what we learned over the years benefits our customers. We understand your needs and now know exactly how to handle the most intricate tasks.

Our customers are not only limited to commercial embroiderers, but fashion designers, business owners and home embroiderers as well. Because of our ability to fulfil our promise of quick turnaround, and high-quality digitizing, customers put their trust in us. We ensure that we never fail them because customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Absolute Digitizing is a USA based embroidery digitizing company serving customers from all over the globe. While most companies have limited time availability, we are open 24/7. It is easy to connect with us via live chat or you can also send us an email. There are no time restrictions and one of our experts will get in touch with you right away.

We understand that most people are intimidated by USA companies because of high service charges. To eliminate budget issues with customers, our prices are extremely competitive at $1 / 1000 stitches. Whatever your budget is, you can always get your file from us without spending extra. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s discuss your next project.

Why Is It Necessary to Digitize for Embroidery?

We live in an age where machines do our work and it suits our lifestyle. From a simple toaster to a car, we own a variety of machines to help make our tasks easy. Similarly, embroidery has also received its share of modernization. Long gone are the days when you could only create embroidery with your hands.

Today, embroidery machines are capable to work on their own without constant supervision. They come equipped with a smart software of their own to control its functions and movement. The involvement of modern software paved way for large scale production. Now brands get hundreds of fabrics embroidered on a daily basis.

The embroidery digitizing software is designed to accept a suitable file and carry out embroidery according to it. It eliminated the hassle to input instructions every time. A digitized file for embroidery contains all the necessary instructions for the machine how to carry out production. Without the file a machine cannot embroider.

The digitized file is used every time the design embroidery is required. It makes production quick and easy because the instructions are already there. You only need to digitize a file once and use it as many times as required. But for a different design, another file is required.

One digitized file contains one design and that too in a specific size. If you need the same design but in a different size, you need a new file. Be sure to save your file in a safe place or you will need to get a new file. If you have multiple designs to embroider, save each file in a way you can understand the design and dimensions.

Creating embroidery files

Creating Embroidery Files by Professional Individual or A Company

Buying professional services from a company or an individual, also known as freelancer, is a global debate. Companies charge a high fee from customers which in most cases, a majority of people cannot afford to pay. To get the job done they look for freelancers who charge a fraction compared to a company fee.

There is no harm working with a freelancer. But there are potential risks that cannot be ignored. Below is a brief comparison regarding embroidery digitizing.

Availability for Creating Embroidery Files

Freelancer: Is an individual so understandably has limited work hours during the day. Most probably unavailable on weekends.

Company: Companies do not rely on an individual. It has a team that works round the clock. Employees get their day off alternately to ensure presence even on weekends.

Managing Work Load

Freelancer: A person can handle a limited amount of work a day. If he / she receives multiple orders the very day you assign your task, delivery can be compromised.

Company: The availability of multiple professionals ensures that every order gets fulfilled. You get the delivery within time and as per your requirements.

Quality Assurance

Freelancer: Humans tend to make mistakes. No one does it intentionally but things get wrong during work. It is realized when someone points out. A freelancer often fails to identify the mistake especially when piled up with work or working for hours.

Company: Has a special team of professionals who check every file for precision. Before sending a file to a customer, they receive it and go through it deeply. In case an error is found, it is corrected even before you know it.


Freelancer: They are usually available via phone call or some communication app. If you need an urgent fix and they are not in a position to reply back, you are devastated. Most freelancers belong to third world countries and they come up with a variety of excuses. At times they face power outage, signal issues, and slow internet.

Company: There are plenty of ways to get immediate attention from a company that operates 24/7. Working with a company that operates from within the USA ensures you never hear an excuse. Your file reaches your inbox within the specified time.

Mood Swings

Freelancer: Anyone can have a bad day. Its always the trivial things in life which makes or breaks a day. It may be their health or a sick pet. If a person is upset, they can never deliver their 100%.

Company: An employee is not feeling great someday. That is not a problem for the customer. The company will manage a suitable replacement to complete the task without creating a fuss.

Cost of Creating Embroidery Files

Freelancer: The main reason people hire them is because of the cost. You will notice that most freelancers agree to do a left chest for as low as $10.

Company: Because embroidery digitizing industry is not like the other industries it gives an edge to customers. Absolute Digitizing also offers left chest embroidery digitizing for $10. Our digitizing prices are so competitive it feels like paying a freelancer for work. But you get all the perks of working with a company.