Absolute Digitizing is your one stop solution to convert picture to embroidery. With us you get high quality embroidery digitized file that meet your requirements accurately. We emphasize on quality and never compromise on it. But it does not mean we are unaffordable. You can get a left chest digitized file for as low as $10.

If you are a business owner, a fashion designer or someone who desires to make their dress more appealing. Embroidery can help you achieve the goal but digitizing is the first step. Therefore, it is essential to have an error free file when embroidering. A single error in the file can bring the entire project crashing down.

How do you find out if the file you received after digitalization is of high quality or not? If your embroiderer is an experienced person, or if you are well versed in understanding the files. Judging a mistake will not be a difficult task. However, embroiderers are too busy to dig into details. Thus, they load the file at the customer’s expense and stop when they hit a dead end.

So, you, as a customer have to be very careful who you choose for your file digitalization. The best measures you can take is, to avoid individuals and work with professional agencies. Now you must be thinking it costs a fortune to hire an agency. We are a professional agency and we are totally affordable. It costs as low as $10 for a left chest embroidery digitized file.

The Reliable Way to Convert Picture to Embroidery

Working with an agency is secure and you have an advantage. If by any chance you face an issue after the file received, you can still ask for amendment. Embroidery digitizing agencies are run by highly professional digitizers and they are committed to customer satisfaction. This is one of the many reasons why you should only convert picture to embroidery through them.

Most people prefer freelancers because of the price factor but it does not apply with the digitizing industry. Whether you choose an individual or an agency, the price does not change but quality suffers a lot. Every embroidery digitizing agency has a team of professionals who are each given a different task to ensure quality.

Similarly, we have the QA department, responsible to check every file for discrepancies before sending them to the customers. If any issue is found, the file is resent to the digitizing department for rectification. The process keeps repeating until the file gets completely free of errors. This level of assurance cannot be expected from a freelancer.

Every person works the best according to their capacity. Mistakes are best highlighted when a senior person checks their work. In the case of a freelancer, being a solo digitizer, mistakes are easily overlooked. This is why customers often face issues during embroidery and have to reorder to an agency.

The entire process wastes time, money and valuable material. Therefore, it is important to make the right selection in the beginning. Without a doubt, other industries are too expensive but the digitizing industry is affordable. You do not need a fortune to hire the experts and a simple budget will get you a rockstar digitizer.

Convert Picture to Embroidery
A happy customer – we digitized the files for him

How to Convert Picture to Embroidery

The process to convert picture to embroidery is known as embroidery digitizing. A majority of people do not know about it but that is not a problem. The issue that needs to addressed is the myths revolving around it which confuses customers. While there are countless myths about digitizing, let us address the most common of them.

Embroidery Digitizing is Easy

There is no harm in saying it is easy but, it needs to be well explained. Digitizers do not jump in fright at every file received for conversion. But the process is not a walk in the park either. It only becomes manageable after a lengthy process of hard work and countless hours of practice.

It is not something you learn in a classroom. In fact, it is a skill that can be developed with determination and passion. While digitizers do not hold any special educational degree, they are a rare breed of professionals. We do not doubt your learning skills. You can also become an accomplished digitizer but after a lot of practice.

Digitizing Is Only a Conversion of Files

This particular myth paved the way for a lot of online scams. Numerous websites popped up on the internet claiming to prepare digitized files within seconds through Artificial Intelligence. It is true that we live in a world of advanced machinery and software. But unfortunately, not advanced enough to make embroidery digitized files without human input.

Although software used by digitizers are advanced and can perform a lot of tasks that were difficult in the past. These embroidery digitizing software are not yet able to work fully on auto pilot. The process has to be performed by a human being who knows how to use it. To become an expert digitizer, one has to learn the software thoroughly and practice enough to master all the tools.

Customers Cannot Connect with A Digitizer Directly

There is no truth in this and anyone can directly hire a professional digitizer. The internet serves as the perfect bridge to connect customers and digitizers. Using a search engine, type convert picture to embroidery and a list of all service providers will appear. From the list, click on the link to our website and you will reach us.

Once you reach us, you can connect with an expert digitizer via the live chat or send us an email. Either way, your query reaches one of our digitizers and not an outsourced customer support team. We understand that our customers need proper answers to their queries which can only be answered by an expert. This is why we have the highest rate of delivering flawless digitalized files for embroidery machines.

So, let us connect and discuss your next embroidery project. If you want a business logo or a custom design digitizing, we are available 24/7. Share the design with us and request a free quote. We are sure you will be happy with our response and work. Our competitive prices fit in your budget perfectly and our quick delivery feature enables you to get the file without delay.