Are you planning an advertising campaign that needs to be effective and long lasting without investing a fortune? If your answer is yes, then you have reached the right place to convert logo to embroidery. We are the professionals you always wanted to work with because we never compromise on quality and offer competitive price. Get your logo converted for as low as $10. 

Absolute Digitizing is an embroidery digitizing service that offers the price of freelancers and the quality of an agency. We are professionally digitizing logos and custom artwork for our happy customers for over 20 years. Our team comprises of highly skilled digitizers with many years of experience. Furthermore, we also have a dedicated team for QA of every file digitized. 

If you are looking for high quality embroidery digitized files, use the live chat for a quick connection with us. Or, you can also send us an email and we will get back to you within no time. We encourage our customers to request a free quote before placing their order. It helps you to understand the price and delivery time. 

Are you looking for a quick delivery from us? Just say it and we will prioritize your file. If there are any special requirements, do not hesitate to let us know about it. We will ensure that everything is taken care of just the way you ordered. And the file will reach your inbox at the desired time. 

When working with us, never worry about the quality of digitizing because it is something we never compromise on. Whether it is an urgent or normal delivery, each file is checked rigorously before it reaches you. In any rare case, a discrepancy is highlighted, it gets rectified right away. 

Our Convert Logo to Embroidery Process 

Embroidery digitizing is a skill that is hard to find under normal circumstances. There is a reason why digitizers are a special breed of professionals. The digitizing process is not taught in schools or educational institutions. Digitizers are usually self taught professionals who spend years enhancing their skills to serve you the high quality. Fortunately, we have a team of highly skilled professional digitizers. 

Just like every digitizing agency working to convert logo to embroidery, we also use the software. But what makes us different from the rest? To ensure the high quality services we work on high end PCs and use only the licensed software. It allows us to utilize every option within with ease which directly benefits you, our customers. You can read more about it in our FAQ page. 

The digitizing process looks simple but is a lot more detailed. Before we start any project, the correct settings are applied. Any mistake will cause a fiasco during the sew out. After the initial settings are complete, the digitizer will map out the boundaries to ensure stability under the needle. Next, we move inside the logo using a variety of stitch styles. 

Once the entire logo is mapped, it is checked for any omissions. Choosing the right stitches is important because it affects the quality. The length of each stitch is carefully calculated because if you fill too much, you get needle breaks. If stitches are too lengthy, the thread will droop revealing the fabric underneath. This is why a digitizer holds great responsibility when programming the file. Every move makes an impact on the quality and we are aware of it. After the process gets done, it is forwarded to the QA for final checking. 

Convert Logo To Embroidery

Can I Make My Own Files? 

Many people ask the question from us as to how they can make their own embroidery digitized files. It is a good thing to know about the process and get a hands on experience too. When you experience the process, it makes you more knowledgeable and you communicate with digitizer effectively. Therefore, your files prepared by a professional will be even better. 

To start your process to convert logo to embroidery, you will need a modern PC. It is worth mentioning that digitizing can only be done on a PC. There are no mobile apps for the purpose and if you come across any app that claims to do it. Ignore them because they only waste time and can also harm your device. 

Similarly, there are no online apps that can completely digitize your logo. The reason being that the process is entirely manual. There is no way to make an embroidery machine file on auto pilot. Hence, you will need to have a PC for it. If you do not own one, it is time to invest a couple hundred dollars and purchase one. 

Make sure that you buy the latest machine because it will enable you to work like us professionals. After the PC is arranged, it is time to buy a software that will let you digitize. You may download a free trial version in the beginning to check how it works. But you cannot keep working on it for long because the free trials are time limited. 

After the trial period expires, the software will cease to work and you will have to purchase a license. The fee for a license varies from software to software and can get outrageously expensive. So, choose wisely to avoid spending a lot of money. 

The Smart Way to Convert Logo to Embroidery 

Once you have decided which software you are purchasing, it is time to start learning to digitize. As already mentioned above, you cannot convert logo to embroidery automatically. It is essential to learn it from scratch. If you ask how long does it take to be a digitizer? The answer is fairly easy. It all depends upon your ability to learn. Most digitizers have been able to make their first file in weeks or a month. 

But that file is never your logo file in fact it is the experimental file that gets done. Since there is a plethora of options and combinations, you cannot grasp everything in one go. To sum it up, after spending a bit of fortune in procuring the necessary hardware and the software. You still need to invest more and that is your time. 

There is a more effective way to get your files ready in a very short time. Hire the professionals. If you are thinking that hiring professionals will make your wallet weep, then you need to hire us. We can provide you a high quality embroidery digitized file for as low as $10. If you are concerned about time, let us know to make it extra fast. 

You will agree that the file serves your purpose just as you wanted and the price is cheaper too. In fact, it will cost you only a few dollars to get the file in your inbox. The file we deliver is yours to use for ever because it does not have an expiry. Keep it for a lifetime. Use it for all your advertising campaigns to get the same high quality every time. Let’s connect now and amaze you with our skills.