In this topic, we will discuss how you can Convert JPG Image or Logo to Embroidery File Free. Whenever you need a design embroidered, it needs to be digitized. Using the services of an embroidery digitizer, you can get any design ready for embroidery. Digitizing costs vary as digitizers usually charge either a fixed price or per stitch count. Either way, the customer ends up paying almost the same amount.

In order to get the perfect embroidery sew out, digitized files should be error free when provided to the embroiderer. Without high-quality embroidery digitizing, the output can be a huge mess. By using an embroidery digitizing software, an expert embroidery digitizer can Convert JPG Image or Logo to Embroidery File within a couple of hours. Some designs, due to their intricacy require extra time and digitizing skills.

Why You Need Embroidery Digitizing?

Sales are good, but not good enough. You are getting repeated customers, that’s a good sign but a business should not be limited to just a few. You keep thinking of ways to increase your brand awareness so that people would walk in more often. Have you thought about advertising your brand through promotional clothing? Logo embroidery on shirts, caps, handkerchiefs, and jackets is a proven method to advertise your brand to the masses.

Who doesn’t like free stuff? It isn’t a bad idea to add a complimentary gift for customers when they spend a certain amount. You can offer them a shirt or a cap with your logo embroidered on the front. It will help you to create a bond between your business and the customer. Another advantage you get from it, when he wears it to different places, your brand is advertised to a lot of new people without any extra amount spent.

How to Get Your Business Logo on a Cap or a Shirt

If you decide to have your logo embroidered on a cap or a shirt, you need the logo file provided by your designer. It will be in JPG, PNG or any other format, but certainly not in embroidery machine file format. Therefore, it cannot be used for embroidery sew out yet. It is necessary to convert JPG image or logo to embroidery file by an embroidery digitizer.

Since you are just about to experiment a new idea and measure the results, you probably aren’t willing to spend a fortune on it. It is an understood fact that, when you use somebody’s services, you are entitled to be charged for it. Based on skills, even popularity of a digitizer, or the complexity of a design, the amount that is charged can vary. Hence, it is natural to look for ways to convert a JPG image or logo to embroidery file for FREE.

If you are looking for ways to digitize the logo yourself, you are in for a treat. Embroidery digitizing can be easily learnt online now due to the abundance of helpful resources. You can watch online videos made by experts guiding you step by step how to start from scratch and reach expert level. But without disappointing you, it is worth mentioning that you can’t learn it overnight. You will need to dedicate yourself for a lot of practice to convert your logo into an embroidery file like a pro.

Requirements for Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is possible with the help of a software that is purposely made to convert standard image files to embroidery machine readable formats, or in simple words, convert a JPG image or logo to embroidery file. There are a variety of formats used in the industry such as EXP, DST, PES, JEF and more. If you have already chosen an embroiderer, ask him what format is required because embroidery machines have their own acceptable file formats.

You might be surprised to know that every embroiderer would ask for a different file format. It is because embroidery machines accept very specific file formats based on their brand and model. Every brand has equipped their machine with a custom built software restricting it to certain file formats. Hence, the embroiderer needs only the formats according to his machine.

It is just like the never ending battle between an iPhone and an Android phone. Both are smartphones, they have the same purpose, but accept different file formats to install applications. An iOS application cannot be installed in an android platform unless it is developed in its native .apk format and Vice Versa.

A major reason why embroiderers cannot convert to a single file format is, they own a huge collection of designs in their machine’s file format. Discarding the format and switching over to a new one would mean a waste of thousands of designs. It would cause them a lifetime to convert each file in their hard disk to a new file format.

How to Convert JPG Image or Logo to Embroidery File for Free

If you are not interested to pay for the digitization services, the first thing you can do to save the cost is, do it yourself. When a digitizer, who is also a human being just like you can do it why can’t you? Sounds motivating, right? It is not necessary to own a million dollar setup to digitize, all you need is a regular PC and a digitizing software.

Free Embroidery Digitizing

There is a variety of embroidery digitizing software available such as Wilcom, Pulse, Embird and more. You can buy them to Convert JPG Image or Logo to Embroidery File. We recommend you to try a few and then decide which one of them suits your needs. Irrespective of the brand, they all serve the same purpose with minor variations in usability.

Embroidery Digitizing Software by Different Brands


You can get the Hatch by Wilcom’s trial version with all functions availability usable only for 30 days. If it is your first experience with a digitizing software, 30 days of exposure isn’t enough to let you digitize your own logo. Are you thinking of purchasing the software? The price is equivalent to get thousands of logos digitized by a professional digitizer. Think about it. Custom Embroidery Digitising Services aren’t that expensive especially the ones you will find online.


Tajima is a famous manufacturer of commercial embroidery machines. To enable digitizers to convert JPG Image or logo into embroidery files it launched a software of its own. Pulse can create the right format of digitized files that can be used in Tajima machines. If you are looking to buy the pulse software, you can do it from their official website. Pricing slabs are different based on the functionality and use.


Another software worthy to get hands on experience is Embird. It can also allow you to convert your image or logo files to embroidery digitized files for free. By free, it is worth mentioning that you can only get a free demo of the software. To enjoy the full version, choose the best product that suit your requirements. To make it easy for home and commercial users, the software comes in various suites. For home users, usability is rather easy and understandable so it is best to begin with something you can understand.

Converting a Logo to Embroidery File Free Using Internet Links

Search engines are a huge blessing because they take the pain to direct us to websites that serve our queries. However, getting a service for free is one of the oldest scams on the internet. When you search for a website that can furnish you with the conversion for free, they are probably:

  • Link farms – Sites that have a never ending circle taking you to a new site with every click.
  • Phishing sites – You will be asked to enter your email to proceed. That’s it, now you’ve exposed yourself to unceasing spam emails burying your important mails underneath a pile of junk every hour.
  • Viruses and Malware – You will be asked to upload your image file which will be processed and then you can download the converted file. Once you download the file after conversion, your computer will be filled with all sorts of malware and viruses causing you to regret your decision. You end up destroying your precious PC only to save $10! Is it worth it?

Professional Digitizers Offering Free Services

Before going any further, bear in mind, nothing is free except charity.

The internet is filled with a variety of scams and offering free professional services to Convert JPG Image or Logo to Embroidery File is something you should avoid at all costs. Although I might sound against my fellow digitizers here, but it is worthy to mention that among the talented and honest professionals, hide some scammers preying upon customers who are looking for free stuff. An example of how people suffer at the hands of scammers is mentioned below.

Convert Jpg Image / Logo to Embroidery File FreeTo avoid any inconvenience, look for reviews about a company before doing any business with it. Customers who have tested them before can provide you with an unbiased review. Do not judge by reading only a single comment, even professionals can make mistakes. Do a free and fair research to reach a conclusion that can actually help you make a good decision.

How to Get Someone to Convert JPG Image or Logo to Embroidery File Free?

Embroidery digitizing is a skill that is acquired after years of practice and working on thousands of designs. Hence, there is no way a professional digitizer who, after years of practice would be willing to work for free. Unsuspecting customers have been trapped by scammers who coaxed them into revealing a lot of private information.

The reason why you can never get a free conversion is because, embroidery digitizing is manual work that cannot be done perfectly by an automated device or software. The process is in fact, tracing the entire design manually and placing all the stitch points just like hand embroidery. The path set by the digitizer will be followed in exactly the same sequence by the embroidery machine.

Thus, it is manual labor that requires practice, knowledge about fabrics and expertise even in a free embroidery digitizing software. You can also learn it if you wish to, but if you need a logo digitized once in a lifetime, why would you spend months learning it? Also, the amount required to invest in purchasing the software isn’t cheap, a single month license can cost you hundreds of dollars. A fully professional digitising software costs thousands of dollars for lifetime.

Alternate Ways to Convert a JPG Image to an Embroidery File

Since it is impossible to get free services without actually ending up in some sort of a scam, you should look for a digitizer with affordable digitizing costs. Being a competitive industry, professional digitizers have already reduced their charges to the lowest possible prices.

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If this is your first time with us, you won’t be disappointed with our work. We can convert your logo in any machine file format that is required by your embroiderer at much cheaper price than the embroiderers themselves are asking for digitizing job.