If we discuss the biggest concerns of machine embroidery industry, digitizing services top the list. The internet’s filled with detailed analysis explaining why its importance cannot be ruled out. Unarguably, the process of digitizing for embroidery is the first step towards the creation of an amazing piece of fashion. Hence we can agree to the fact that independent digitizers and agencies aren’t going anywhere. Custom Embroiderers are always trying to find a reliable and trustworthy source for the cheapest digitizing services. Unfortunately in many cases, when prices are slashed, quality is terribly compromised.

Why Embroiderers Need Low Cost Digitizers?

The never ending search for affordable supplies and inexpensive manpower is customary among business owners and the embroiderer is no exception. It is hard to find a cheap embroidery digitizer who knows his stuff. In haste to get a discount, embroiderers rush to novices who, in the end, ruin everything causing great loss. Besides the utilization of threads, needles, lubricants, and electricity, embroidery digitizers fuel the embroidery machines. That being said, it is common for embroiderers to constantly hunt for talent that can save them time and money. This is one reason why a look out for the cheapest digitizing for custom embroidery never ends.

Digitization Process is Not a Tangible Commodity

Unlike needles, threads and other supply items in embroidery, digitization is a skill. You cannot simply purchase a skill, rather, it can be obtained in the form of services. Pertaining to the fact it is often outsourced, it is perceived as a commodity rather than a skill. Embroiderers expect digitizers to provide their artistry at a price that would help keep production costs under control. It is common practice to include embroidery digitizing tariffs when accumulating production costs. Probably because the one preparing and delivering digitized files is an outsider, his bills fall under the debit column of the ledger.

Cheapest Digitizing

Unlike regular supplies, digitizing is a relentless process and there is no concept of bulk buying. Every design needs digitizing from scratch. There’s no possibility to use some other file to compensate for current need. It is a new entity that has to be ordered separately at the time of requirement. Embroiderers need to communicate with digitizers and explain their requirements. A digitizer then manually prepares and delivers with adherence to the instructions provided. Cheapest digitizing for embroidery can be disastrous, price quoted below average isn’t realistic. It is because the digitizer isn’t skilled enough as he claims to be. Poor quality designs create horrendous results during production. The poor outcome can cost expensively, and for the worst, the embroiderer’s reputation can be destroyed.

How to Measure Quality of Embroidery Designs?

Another factor that differentiates custom embroidery digitising from standard procurement for embroidery is its unending variation. Digitized embroidery designs are digital files, they aren’t physical and cannot be felt for quality or measured by weight. Hence determining its quality is sundry and there are no fixed standards to know if it qualifies or not.

Since there are no standard rules to determine quality, cheapest digitizing for embroidery is a complete waste of time and money. Embroiderers who have experienced the dark side of such practices have learnt the truth the hard way. It is unwise to procure cheapest digitizing services for an important client because it can put the business’s integrity at stake. Unfortunately, if a business gets defamed once, regaining the lost faith in clients is never possible.

Digitizing Pricing Structure and Trends

The embroiderer and the digitizer live in parallel universes but still, they can’t survive without one another. The former works around physical products i.e threads, needles, fabrics, machines and other stuff. He is accustomed to touch, feel and even the smell of his products and procurement.

On the other hand, the digitizer works in a virtual world. There is no way you can touch a DST file, a PNG file or a digitized embroidery design. While they both work in collaboration, their tasks aren’t the same. There is no method developed yet that can set a standard to measure quality of digital products for embroidery. Measuring and justifying digitizing for embroidery is a debatable issue. The industry runs on mutual trust and adherence to commitments.

4 essentials of operating compuetrized embroidery machine

Another factor revolving around cheapest digitizing in embroidery business is the pricing factor. It’s a service provided on the basis of skill and need. Not being a physical product, digitizers have their own fees. For example, a standard charge rate revolves around per 1000 stitches. Unfortunately, this pricing model does not set a standard for quality but measures quantity. For the skilled digitizer, it is somewhat discouraging because he understands he’s getting paid for delivering quantity and not quality. This malpractice restricts the creative digitizer to go the extra mile. Quality becomes secondary with the aim to increase quantity by adding unnecessary stitches and earn a few extra bucks.

Cheap Digitizing Is Here To Stay

Considering the above factors, procuring the cheapest digitizing service is not recommended because it puts your business at risk. But no matter what, the hunt for the cheapest digitizing won’t be given up by the embroiderers. Why?

Because there’s another factor that hasn’t been discussed yet. Embroiderers need a large amount of designs every year. On average, every embroiderer spends thousands of dollars to obtain digitized files regardless of their quality. The challenge here is to reduce the money spent on digitizing service providers and to increase profit ratio.

Unfortunately, finding the cheapest digitizing service that doesn’t compromise on quality and delivers quickly is unrealistic. Every embroiderer has to try different digitizers until he can settle with someone for long term.

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