Absolute Digitizing is a USA based company serving customers within the country and abroad. We are popular for our high-quality error free files and quickest turnaround. Our rates are extremely competitive at $1 / 1000 stitches. It means you get most left chest and cap digitizing for only $10. Our team of experts prepare your files on up to date, licensed embroidery digitizing software.

We handle rush orders too and deliver them back within hours. We have a special team of highly experienced embroidery digitizers. If you need the files extra fast, let us know and we will ensure they reach you within time. Our aim is to deliver only the best and we have a QA team to check each file. When you work with us, you are entitled to get the file 100% according to your requirements.

There are no expiry dates or locked material in our files. These can be used not only once or twice, but for a lifetime. Your one-time investment can reward you for as long as you need. Connect with us using our live chat or send us an email. We will be happy to know your requirements and fulfill them in our digitized file.

Embroidery Digitizing Is the Future of Embroidery

Decorating one’s cloth through embroidery has been practiced since centuries. Embellished clothes were worn by the elites in the past. Kings and queen’s robes were embroidered and even decorated with gems. It was a service only the rich could afford. Today thanks to modern technology it is not only limited to the elites. Anyone with a sense of style can avail custom embroidery digitizing and look beautiful.

The embroidery machines of today are capable to handle the entire sew out with minimal assistance. An embroiderer only has to change threads for color matching or if it is running out. The machine already has a set of instructions uploaded which guide it through the entire process. These instructions come from the digitized file which is prepared by an embroidery digitizer.

The embroidery digitizer maps out the complete process and saves it. he does it so in a special computer software. Every needle mark and every turn or corner is pre-designed by the software. All that remains to be done is upload the digitized file in the machine and push the start button. Since the embroiderer and the machine rely heavily on the work of a digitizer, he bears a great responsibility.

Embroidery machines follow the same steps taken by the digitizer. If he makes a single mistake, it will be replicated by the machine. It can end up ruining the entire sew out. Hence, it is always necessary to choose an experienced digitizer for your cap digitizing or any other design. Never compromise on money or quality because the outcome can be a complete disappointment.

cap digitizing

Cap Digitizing for Embroidery

To obtain the perfect design on a cap, it all begins with a flawless embroidery digitized file. Most people are confused about a design if it can be embroidered. When we talk about digitizing for caps, there are some limitations regarding the structure. But these limitations can be managed by an experienced digitizer. By using correct settings, many designs can be embroidered within the available space.

The process is tricky and requires high digitizing skills. Customers usually face problems when they compromise over experience. Novice digitizers are known to settle for a smaller amount but the result is unacceptable. The discount seems lucrative to most customers and they end up getting a useless file. This is why we at Absolute Digitizing have only experienced professionals who produce flawless embroidery digitized files.

Digitizing seems like a simple process and most people assume it only a drag and drop methodology. On the contrary, the drag and drop is only 10% while the rest is all about application of correct settings. The stabilizer settings are different, border stitch settings and inner fill are never the same. Even the procedure of using the same stitch type varies.

Most digitizers spend months of training over cap digitizing to overcome their problems. Every professional understands the stitch count cannot be reduced or increased on purpose; it has to be perfect. Upon increasing, the density of threads will start breaking the needle during the sew out. Less stitch count will have threads hanging loosely revealing the fabric beneath. There is no way one can compromise the stitch count and still get the perfect result.

Cap Digitizing as Practice Project

Embroidery digitizing is not a subject taught in schools. Digitizers are mostly self-taught who gathered bits of information and advice to hone their skills. Learning to digitize is not as difficult today because of the internet. There are many videos and blogs available to guide a person through their problems. It has helped many young digitizers overcome digitizing issues.

But with all the resources now available more easily than before, it does not mean everyone can become a digitizer. The road to be a digitizer is long and mostly lonely. The reason is, you have to keep on practicing non-stop. There are many different ways to accomplish the same task. Mostly you will have to repeat the same design over and over again.

At first learning to digitize seems fun, but the charm soon fades away. You will start spending hours each day sitting in front of a computer doing the same thing over and over. There will be less time for socializing and going out. It is the main reason why most people give up training after just a few days. Professional digitizers have spent years training and perfecting their skills.

But, if you are sure you can handle the pressure and dedicate yourself to learn, note the following.

  • Even for practicing, use a modern PC.
  • Embroidery digitizing cannot be done on a mobile phone. There is no such software.
  • Internet links claiming to digitize for free are all misleading. Do not waste your time on them.
  • Use only a licensed software because most free versions are time limited or with locked features.
  • Never start with cap digitizing. Always start with flat products embroidery digitizing first.