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Embroidery digitizing is the process of converting a hand drawn, camera click or internet download image. It makes the image available for embroidery machines to be able to sew the exact on fabric. Embroidery machines differ in functionality from a printer which prints an image without any manual work. You select print and the printer starts printing.

How to Digitize for Embroidery Like an Art Digitizer

Embroidery digitizing is a sophisticated task. It requires skill and expertise to create an error free file for the embroidery machine. Today, an art digitizer performs the daunting task of converting a regular image file to embroidery file. Without a flawless conversion, embroidery will face problems or the machine will not work at all.

To begin with the conversion task, it is important to have an embroidery digitizing software. There are many different software available today each with their specialty and function. Professional digitizers use advanced software that allows them to handle every kind of design with perfection. The software comes with a license which usually costs hundreds of dollars.

Free embroidery digitizing software cannot be applied to professional use because it comes with limited functions. Licensed software allows the digitizer to utilize every function which deems necessary to accomplish the task in an orderly manner. Besides the software being unlocked and up to date, the computer on which it runs needs to be modern.

Out dated PCs are unable to handle the functionality of digitizing software. An art digitizer has to spend a lot of money on regular updates to her PC. Due to high maintenance costs on hardware and software, individual freelancers cannot provide high quality work. Today, embroidery digitizing services in USA such as Absolute Digitizing provide the necessary quality files that can be used for flawless embroidery.

A common mistake young fashion designers and embroiderers make is to work with individual digitizers. There are many risks working with an individual offering low cost solutions which often ruins the project. In the end they seek embroidery digitizing companies for quality and professionalism. Due to this, customers end up spending more than the actual price and a lot of time is wasted.

How Art Digitizer Creates Embroidery Machine Files

Even if you are not an art digitizer and have no plans to learn it, knowing the process is essential. It helps you communicate better with a digitizer and understand his response. Most customers with no knowledge of the process end up arguing over time or cost. Argument does not help but it only becomes a hurdle in the task and wastes time.

Image Import

The first step is to import the image into the software. Images can be sent via email or via our online embroidery digitizing website, there is no need to deliver physically. When the image appears on the software canvas, the art digitizer starts working on it. At first, all unwanted objects are removed so that there are no flaws during production.

Underlay Settings

As soon as the image is clean, the real work begins. Before starting to digitize, the underlay settings are applied. Most newbies forget to apply the settings at this stage and dive into the image. This is not the right way because if settings are applied later, they conflict with the stitches. If you are a digitizer and have faced such issue, this is a good tip to follow.

Boundary Digitizing

Professionals know the exact amount to set so that even if there are minor variations during production. It does not have drastic effects on the fabric or embroidery. Now is the time to map out the boundaries selecting the right type of stiches. There are no hard and fast rules of what stitch types to use. The art digitizer decides what to use according to the art and client requirement.

Fill Stitch

Completing the outlines first help in a smooth production by keeping the fabric in place. This is one more mistake example many young digitizers make. Now is the time to finish the inside of the artwork. It is essential to ensure that the stitches are not too filled or too stretchy. Tight fill will cause needle breaks and the design will not look good either. Too lose, it will keep threads hanging and reveal the fabric underneath.

art digitizer

Train to Be Art Digitizer

One does not need to have an artistic soul to become an art digitizer. If you understand the basics and an eye for detail, you can start the journey to be a digitizer. But, the path to the top is not easy as it looks. There is a lot of practice involved. One artwork can be digitized in a variety of ways.

Changing stitch types can give the design a completely new look. Sometimes it brings out the best of the artwork. At times it may not look too good. So, a digitizer must know what selections to make at a single glance to the design. Decision making expertise in digitizing comes after extensive practice. Most professionals have spent years of training.

if you aspire to become a professional digitizer in future, we recommend you start with the simple designs. Try different stitches and styles to see how it looks on fabric. Learning to digitize is equivalent to learning a new skill. There will be lengthy training sessions where you will sit alone in front of a PC. Most people start enthusiastically but eventually give up.

If you have only one design then practicing for its sake alone is not recommended. You will end up investing a lot of money and time. Still, it does not guarantee that you be able to digitize as perfectly as a professional art digitizer. Instead of going through all the pain yourself hire a professional. You can get it professionally digitized for as low as $10.

If you have an artwork that you wish to see it embroidered on fabric, let us know. Our team of professionals will digitize it for you beyond your expectations. Get it embroidered and wear the design with pride. Contact us now and let us amaze you with our professionalism.