If you outsource digitizing for embroidery, this is one scary spot that you have to deal on a daily basis. Irrespective of how your chosen embroidery digitizing service performs, it is you who are answerable to the customers. Despite this, you have very little control over how digitized files are prepared and delivered.

Your best go here is to probe into an embroidery digitizing service thoroughly in the first place. Making regular shifts from one company to another will directly impact the performance of your machine embroidery business. Check out the factors that you should consider while considering to work with embroidery digitizing services.

When you manage to find an embroidery digitizer that delivers on time with great quality, you are still not done. They also need input and cooperation from your end to seamlessly deliver results with an uncompromising quality.

Here is what you need to do if you want to get the very best out of an embroidery digitizing service:

Be Specific With Requirements:

project requirements in digitizing embroidery

It is frustrating for an embroidery digitizing service to work on a project with incomplete or confusing details. Make sure that you hand on complete and specific requirements about a project if you really want to get the very best out of them.

Instead of giving them generic details, be very specific about them. For instance, saying that you want great quality, practically means nothing. ‘Great quality’ is a very vague term that holds a different meaning to everybody. It does not convey much about the quality you crave. Hence, it is highly unlikely that your embroidery digitizer will get it right in the first go.

Your service provider will most probably make edits to the first version but believe us, it is not nearly half good. Edits are only intended at making minor changes related to the details that got lost in prior communication. They are not an alternative for your first communication.

Ensure Swift Communication:

communication in embroidery digitizing projects

Getting project requirements right takes us to our second tip about ensuring swift communication during the project. Not in the first contact, swift communication is something you should make sure all along the project.

You can’t treat your outsourcing service as your in-house employees. Since they are remotely located, they require more details, background, and needs of a particular project. This asks for a  smooth communication throughout the project.

You should also get updates about the progress in between deliveries to make sure that nothing gets messed up. it is easier to fix things during the project than once they are finished.

Long-term Partnerships:

partnership with digitizing service

Think of your embroidery digitizing service as your business partner and try to establish long term relationships.It is not advisable to change your embroidery digitizing every few weeks or months.

Firstly, it renders lesser stability to the way your business operates. Secondly, you have to consume more time while dealing with a new service. And lastly, you will never get the very best results if you will continue with such attitude. Getting ‘the best’ results is impossible if you are not willing to give enough time to any service provider.

In outsourcing embroidery designs for digitizing, you need to give time to your provider before they get your preferences, style, and requirements.

Once they are on the same page as you, the process is now smooth and quick. They already know what you want and can hit the nail on its head every time. It imparts massive smoothness and stability to your business. It is much less pain staking than moving to a new digitizer every other month, explaining the same stuff all over again and waiting for them to get it right.

Be Mindful Of Time-Zones:

time zone confusions with embroidery digitizing service

If your embroidery digitizer is in a different time-zone, remain mindful of it. If you want to avoid awaiting trouble, it is highly advisable to ask your embroidery digitizer about their time-zone and plan your orders accordingly.

Similarly, ask them their working hours so you can come up with a much precise schedule. It will eradicate frustrating delays in orders and unhappy customers during the day.  Also, take note of their local holidays. You don’t want to arrive at work only knowing that you won’t be receiving and digitized files for the next two days.

In fact, you should capitalize the difference in time zones to your advantage. For example, if you outsource to a digitizing service that has a lag of 10-12 hrs from your geographical location. You can send them files at the end of the day. While you are away, they can work on those files and send digitized files to you next morning.

Develop Minimum Expertise:

learning digitizing software

You should get your hands dirty and try to develop minimum expertise at digitizing embroidery designs. Don’t get us wrong. We are not asking you to completely delve into a digitizing software. We know that you don’t have time for that. Moreover, it is best to leave things to experts what they are best at and focus on stuff that lies in your domain.

The minimum expertise is recommended to analyze the digitized files that you receive on daily basis. This basic knowledge will also help you while making the decision to go with a particular embroidery digitizing service.

Another reason that makes this point so important is to be on the same ground as your digitizer. Imagine the frustration and disgust of your service provider as they are trying to explain you the details and you don’t get it. It’s not disturbing for them only, it can also get on your nerves. Either way, it’s your business that suffers.

Learning a skill is a gradual process. Start learning today because there is not going to be a ‘tomorrow’ when you will start.

If you have a hard time working with digitizing services, we somewhat understand what you have gone through. Give a go to our professional team of embroidery digitizers and you will not be disappointed. Best price with quickest turn-around time. No strings attached.