Digitizing is not an easy task and you can’t do it with your bare hands. You need specialized software to execute the work properly. In the market, there are many different professional grade software. You need to select the right according to your need so that you don’t spend extra money on the wrong software. Any person, who is planning to become a digitizer,  should first learn about the digitizing software. The things get complicated because digitizing software is sold in series. It is very essential that you should be aware of each series because every series is having own special features and functions.


For your information, the expensive software will provide you more unlocked features. But remember one thing that every person does not need all features in software. Keeping this in view, one should clearly understand the purpose and own need related to the embroidery digitizing software before making the buying decision. Without any doubt, all the major embroidery software offer excellent features. The programming software has been evolved to a great extent in the last 20 years.

If you are a person who is having a great passion to craft beautiful embroidery, then the software series will assist you in the right way. One of the important goals is to understand why you need digitizing software to avoid the situation of getting stuck with costly software that you will never use. Every person is having different pain points. It is a fact that no one will be comfortable to spend $4400 for a professional digitizing software without having the proper expertise. Additionally, there are more expensive software as well in the market.

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When buying the software you must be clear about your work. Once you are clear about your work, then you might realize that you don’t need a full scale digitizing software. At this point, before you make the purchase, you should ask yourself and your software vendor the following five questions to make the right decision:

1- Do I Need Professional Embroidery Digitizing

All the important software will provide you tools to digitize logo from the source art to sewing it out. Most of the time, it will be the second level of software from the top that will provide you everything to start the work. You will get the programming 90% of the thing you see on the streets. This level of software is for professional digitizer, if you don’t have the experience, then this feature set will be overwhelming for you during the work.

2- Do I Need Full-Scale Embroidery Digitizing Capabilities?

A full-fledged digitizing software will enable you to program for specialty designs like sequins, chenille, cording, and other applications. If you are planning to offer these products, then you need a fully scaled software otherwise there is no need. When you are looking at the software titles and picking the software according to the price, then you need to ensure that you are not paying any extra amount for the thing you don’t need.

3-Do I Need Editing Package?

A good editing package will provide you the ability to open the native outline files. With the editing package, you can make the changes according to your desire in the design. Moreover, it will also offer you the freedom to digitize.  It will provide you many advanced features for faster programming, start to finish, short-cut type tools, and fancier effects turned off.

For most of the programmers, this level of software is enough. Moreover, you should ask the seller of software to highlight the difference between editing package and true embroidery digitising package. Additionally, you should also inquire about the upgrade path to make your understanding better regarding your need.

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4-Can I Get Free Viewer Package?

You might have a thought that you don’t need a program. However, the person who sells or work on products related to embroidery should be able to view the embroidery files. All the important software are having a free version and they are generally available for the download on their respective websites.

The free embroidery digitizing software version will enable you to open and preview the native formats like DST or PES formats. Some of the software will also allow you to do the basic resizing that gives you the ability to make the changes in the design.

5-Do I Require Lettering Package?

The lettering package will enable a user to add stock lettering to the design. The best lettering package is having dozens of pre-programmed alphabets. You will not be able to modify the design because the program will create standalone letters based design. The designs included here are name-drops to logos and monograms. Here, you can also create effects like arched text.


When you are going to buy new equipment, most of the suppliers are giving the digitizing package with a machine sale. The version given is a limited version and you will have to spend some more money on the upgrades. When you are doing the research to buy embroidery digitizing software, then you need to know about your need. There are many sellers who are eager to sell their product. Keeping this in view, you should make your decision keeping your need in your mind. Keep your eyes open and do some research so that you can have all things clear in your mind before making the final purchase.

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