It’s 2017 and unlike a decade ago, there are an ever-increasing ways of promoting your machine embroidery business to the potential customers. With so many options available, it is easy to get distracted and plunge into way too many fronts.

For a small business, like a machine embroidery business, it is vital to pick a strategy and work on it till you get substantial results. The mistake most small businesses make is starting a strategy, feeling struck halfway, and eventually leaving it, wasting precious resources and making it an altogether futile exercise.

So, pick up the marketing ideas that suit your business and be persistent with them. Don’t just try them, test them with different variants and you will gradually see your bank account bulging up.

Since it is tough to determine the marketing tactics at the start, here are the most powerful and working ideas for your machine embroidery business in 2017.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

seo in machine embroidery business

It’s too vast a topic to be covered in a subheading but we will try our best to at least put you in the right direction. If you operate locally at the moment, it is important to get you local SEO on track. Local SEO means optimizing your business’ web presence in a manner that when someone searches for your industry in a particular region your business appears in search results.

For instance, if someone searches for machine embroiderers in New York and you operate in New York, having a good local SEO means, your machine embroidery business sprouts in search results. It is comparatively easier to rank a business locally as you are only competing with businesses that are based locally. The higher you appear, the better it is to get more traffic and leads.

The impact of SEO is massive in 2017. Think of yourself as a consumer.

What is the first thing you do when looking for a service? You put it on Google. Well, here you go.

You can also start a blog and leverage content marketing for an all-enclosing SEO strategy. Write well-worked out content that your readers will find interesting and rank for important keywords in your industry. A keyword is a set of words that a user is likely to enter while searching a particular query.

Targetted Social Media Marketing:

social media marketing for machine embroidery business

Okay, every similar blog you read will tell you to do social media marketing. Fair enough but isn’t just everyone doing it already? They will tell you about setting up your pages and profiles but how will you stand out? Forget about beating the competition.

‘Doing it better’ will also not get you a larger chunk of the pie quick enough. For quick and direct results with great insights, go with audience targeted social media marketing. Networks like Facebook and Twitter give you a lot of data about their users, to target your ad campaigns by narrowing down the audience of your interest. Moreover, their native ads also naturally embed into their websites’ framework. Promotions don’t feel like promotions to users and thus results in better engagement.

It is an inexpensive way of getting quick results. For a machine embroidery business, paid social media ads are an absolute gold mine.

Video Promotions:


With this post, our focus has been remaining highly relevant to the current consumer behaviors instead of beating about about the same old fluff. Video marketing is a big tool in 2017 to get your word across. As the lazy humans of the 21st century, we are easier to be convinced for watching a 2-minute video as compared to reading a 500-word article.

So, instead of adhering to what others are doing, do what really works now. Videos you produce don’t only have to be about your products and promotions. You can share videos about events and conferences that your audience may find interesting.

Video marketing, in itself, is a separate subject. You can put videos on Youtube and drive traffic to them from different sources. Video watching tendency of a Facebook user is greater than any other platform. Last year, Facebook disclosed that their users watch 100 million hours per day of videos. It’s huge.

Gold Nugget: Try video ads on Facebook. Videos and Facebook advertising go great. Believe me, it works like a charm!

Email Marketing:

email marketing for machine embroidery business

Don’t look at me like that. I know this is not something you are ready to buy under the banner of ‘2017’ but what if I tell you, it is still pretty relevant. As opposed to traditional wisdom, emails still work as an amazing marketing strategy.

The misconception about email marketing comes from the fact that people often confuse it with spam emailing. These two are not the same thing. Anything spam or junk simply doesn’t go well with people now. They have tolerated cold calling and irritating salesmen for years and it’s about time, that we get to go off such marketing strategies for good.

Email marketing is about emailing your customers, followers, and visitors and remaining relevant in their inboxes. Anybody who has willingly given you email address can be mailed under email marketing. In fact, according to a report,  91% of US citizens like receiving emails from businesses they have already done business with.

Apart from that, email marketing is not just about sending promotional emails and discount offers. Yes, you can occasionally send those too. Other than that, it can be informative blog posts or random pieces of information that you think will be of interest and benefit to your email list. It’s about making them realize that you exist and you care for them. It’s more of a relationship marketing rather than an otherwise cheezy version.

Marketing strategies are always evolving so, it’s important to remain updated about what works and what doesn’t. You can’t just invest your money and resources in an obsolete marketing strategy while keeping fingers crossed. It just doesn’t work that way.

In coming years, it is comparatively easy to market your business to wider audiences with better precision. Just remain vigilant to the opportunities that come your way. For similar informative posts and news, stay updated to our blog. Feel free to write your thoughts in the comment section below.

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