Okay, so we published a post about how embroidery trends re-spawned on the fashion scene recently and how it transcended from high-end fashion brands to every other second store in the downtown. If you are an embroidered products enthusiast like us, you would have surely enjoyed reading through that post.

After the post was published, we realized that though, it was an interesting piece of information, it had little practical worth. For an average Joe, like you and me, there wasn’t much value to extract when it comes to utility.
Therefore, we reflected and came up with a blog post series to enlighten our readers about latest embroidery trends. The first blog post of the series was published a week ago where we shared our insights about embroidered swimsuit cover-ups. The post was full of practical value.

Today, we will share another blog post in the same regard. Here we will shed some light on fashion embroidery trends that you can carry with comfort and ease. These trends are an easy fit-in for your day to day routines and you don’t have to be the laughing stock of the day by going too weird. (Oh, come on! don’t act like you don’t care. We know those  dangling self-conscious monsters in the back of your head.)

1. Embroidered Handbags & Clutches:

Embroidered Handbags & Clutches

We have seen a lot of this embroidery trend. Fendi, Gucci, Roberto & Cavalli including all other high-end fashion brands have released their collection of embroidered handbags and clutches this season. We have also been seeing celebrities flaunting their embroidered bags and clutches and we all secretly envy them for this. (Including zillion other things we envy them for!)

celebrities embroidered handbags
The good news is it’s just not a celebrity thing. Carrying embroidered handbags is equally cool for celebrities as well as commoners. It’s one of those embroidery trends where you don’t have to go out of the way to be stylish. That’s why stop being awe-stricken and grab one for yourself. It’s time now- to be on the other side of the table. Let others have an awe-gasp.

Embroidered bags
Embroidered handbags & couches come in a range of styles. The great thing about embroidery trends is that you can experiment and can even slightly stray. You have that liberty because the fashion is still not that mainstream. Embroidered handbags scream for attention and love. They add style and color to any kind of ensemble through their unique fab designs.

Embroidered Hand bags

2. Embroidered Bombers:

embroidered light bomber

Embroidered bombers are the most prevalent and popular among the embroidery trends. Even if we take celebrities out of the consideration, you must have spotted a chic or two strolling in style with their embroidered bomber on across the street. Adorned with glaring embroidered designs, leathered bombers turn out great with your denim on. Add sunglasses or a necklace, and you are the most style game is better than anyone else around.

Embroidered Bombers
With or without embroidery, bombers are hot anyway. Originally designed for fighter pilots in the 20th century, they surge your style instantly. If they were not enough alone, here we have the ones enhanced with embroidery.  The enhanced and embellished version to escalate your style game is readily available. It’s easy to find one for yourself at a local store. The good thing about them is that despite being so easily available, they are not one of those trends that go unnoticed. They do gather a lot of attention and appreciation.

embroidered bomber street walk

They are engrossing and you can try a lot of other stuff with bombers. Since they are talk of the walk, every other accessory that you wear falls in the background. You can style other accessories to complement your bomber and fetch an even more fascinating look. The style tip for bombers is to go for the bold look with them. They innately aid you in doing so but make sure to include other wearables and accessories from the same league.

bold embroidery bomber
If you are one of those, who will not be comfortable carrying a little bad-ass look, don’t worry. We are not going to say that this is not one of embroidery trends that you fit-in. The trend is so versatile that it is literally for anybody and everybody. You just have to make few adjustments and you have a bomber that goes well with your style. For carrying a ‘decent’ look, put on bombers that have very little and nice designs on them. Shouting designs won’t just make their place here.

decent casual bomber

3. Denim:

denim embroidery

Denim is love but our reason for loving them is not as a style accessory. We love it because it’s comfortable to wear, easy to wash and lasts for decades. We have never looked up to them as something stylish and fashionable. You might be thinking that what is even stylish about denim? It’s pretty flat and on top of all everybody owns them, but does everybody have a embroidered denim?

Being stylish is not about carrying expensive and loud stuff. It can be simple and yet immensely enchanting like this denim in the picture below.

simple embroidery on denim

So, you see how a very simple embroidery design can add so much spice to an otherwise flat denim. What about taking your pair of denim to a local machine embroider this weekend and getting a cool design over them? It’s easy and you can choose from already digitized designs available to them.  If you want to imprint a design of your own, you can get your digitized file for any Embroidery design on our website. What we absolutely love about this embroidery trend is that it is literally for everybody. Denim truly lives up to our today’s post about embroidery trends that are for everybody.

embroidery trend
Hopefully, you enjoyed and have been able to wrap your heads around our pick for embroidery trends in 2017 which are for everybody. It is important that you should not over-do embroidery trend. When you are carrying one embroidered accessory, it’s enough for the day.

If you would like embroidery designs of your choice, you can get them from the best embroidery digitizers in USA. You can also check out some of our machine embroidery designs and see if something resonates with you.