According to fashionistas, the 80s and 90s were the years when fashion experienced its golden age while being well acclaimed and reviled at the same time. High-cut spandex, legwarmers, lots of neo simply enchanted the world. Today, it seems that our incredibly fast-paced, social media obsessed generation is facing a resurgence of the yesteryears’ fashion trends. Let’s have a look at 10 fashion trends that are gaining momentum right now.

Trucker Hats


When we’re talking about resurgence of fashion trends, how can we forget trucker hats? It took the fashion world by storm decades ago and simply disappeared. But now, seems like it’s coming back as celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Paris Hilton, Kylie Jenner were spotted with trucker hats. Recently, Von Dutch – the long-forgotten fashion brand, has opened a new store in Los Angeles and is busy promoting its revived trucker hats.

Choker Necklace


The choker has traveled a long time since the 1990s and seems like it’s going to rock the fashion world again. The 90s nostalgia has successfully transformed it from teenage fashion travesty to the must-have accessory of the season. A diverse group of celebs are spearheading this revival. From Rooney Mara to trendy Victoria Justice, all have been spotted wearing a choker necklace.

Embroidery Jackets


Embroidered jacket is another fashion trend that is coming back in 2017. Though it was not actually outdated in the past, the trend took a back seat somehow. However, you can interpret an embroidered jacket many ways like it’s a merger of unique detailing and statement-making colors or as contrast of ornate embroidery on sporty silhouette. The revival is highly anticipated as it took place in Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 collection and celeb Kate Moss was found wearing a pastel version of it. To get embroidery digitizing for a customized jacket like this, you are welcome to use our services.

Animal Print


Bold colors and big prints i.e. animal prints were prominent in the ‘80s fashion world. Actress Teri Garr walked a red carpet wearing a leopard print coat. Though animal print lost its prominence during the last couple of decades, now it’s gaining momentum again and making its transition into present day street style. It’s perfect to wear with a sleek outfit and minimum accessories.

Crop Top


Crop tops simply took the ‘80s fashion world by storm and became one of biggest fashion trends of the decade. It was furthermore proved when Madonna, one of the most acclaimed stars of that decade, wore a midriff-baring staple. In today’s world, crop tops have become everyone’s favorite regardless of the wearer’s size or style preferences.

Denim Jackets



Denim jackets are something that can be worn over any outfit and with any hairstyle. Today, this can be found everywhere from high fashion to absolutely casual fashion trends. It helps to sport the perfect fashion statement in everything you wear just like Reese Wither-spoon – one of Hollywood’s present sweethearts, who was spotted wearing cool shades, a sweet skirt with medium-wash denim jacket.



Now, fur designs can be seen everywhere- from season’s fashion shows to street style fashion. The latter took the trend a step ahead by introducing bold splashes of contrasting colors, stripes and multi-hued, fur flowers. With their impeccable color, texture and size, fur coats and jackets spell out fun and serious attitude simultaneously and simply can’t be missed.

Off the Shoulder Dresses


The fashion world has seen seasons and seasons of off-the-shoulder dresses; from fashion editors to street style bloggers – almost everyone wears them. Though many fashionistas felt that the trend would disappear, it seems like off the shoulder dresses are going to reinvigorate the love for them again. The best part of it is that you can have your desired look by pairing this with your preexisting clothes.

Metallic Dresses


In 1994, at the Anna Sui Spring show in NY City, Linda Evangelista wore a metallic mini with coordinating vest that created waves in the fashion industry. After taking a backseat for sometimes, metallic dresses are gaining momentum, thanks to Zendaya Coleman – the fashion icon, who brought them back into limelight. You can rock this trend by adding hints of metallic into your shoes, bag, nail polish etc.

Mirrored Sunglasses


Reflective, bright and mirrored sunglasses played a big role in the pop culture landscape throughout the ‘80s. In today’s fashion world, they’ve experienced resurgence not just as a trend anymore but as a preferential style. You can find them everywhere from streets to the beach. With eye-grabbing reflective lenses, these sunglasses in vibrant hues are playful and powerful ways to enhance your fashion quotient.